Future-Proof uCPE Security with Arm TrustZone and Telco Systems NFVTime

NFV opens a world of new business opportunities for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), however there are several new security challenges that are inherent to the dNFV/uCPE architecture. This Whitepaper outlines some of these concerns and illustrates how a multi-level, combined hardware/software security approach can be used successfully mitigate these new threats.
  • Security concerns include:
  • Multi-Vendor Software Stack
  • Open, loosely coupled software environment
  • Virtualization: Hosting a Blackbox OS
  • Remote installation and provisioning

Telco Systems delivers enhanced multi-layer uCPE security solution as part of its NFVTime Suite and NFVTime-OS. NFVTime for Arm takes a major leap forward in enhancing uCPE security by efficiently utilizing Arm TrustZone technology, which isolates and protects critical OS security services and assets in a hardware protected partition (the Secure World). Combining an Arm-based uCPE device with NFVTime for Arm software suite delivers an advanced, secure uCPE solution, well protected against both existing and future attacks.

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